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12/04/08 09:19 AM #15    

Christy Malone (Murphy)

I signed up like I promised. Ha/Ha :-) This site is AWESOME,and you have done a great job. THANK YOU so much for all your hard work. See you at the next meeting.

Christy Malone Murphy

12/04/08 05:23 PM #16    

Kristie Gosa (Tabor)

Hey Bill,
Just wanted to thank you for doing such a great job on the website! You put a lot of hard work into it and it is much appreciated.

12/04/08 10:45 PM #17    

Kevin Ferguson

Thanks to everyone that is working on organizing this event. I have one request. Would it be possible to move the picnic a little later on Saturday (maybe start at 1pm?) so some of us can get together that morning for a golf outing?

Just a request. No big deal either way.


12/05/08 03:30 PM #18    

Robert Touchstone

Milli Vanilli come on! They can't even sing this crap much less have it on this site! Bill take that crap off of here? PLEASE.

12/07/08 07:32 PM #19    

Kendell Churchwell

Come on now Robert - Milli Vanilli rocks! So does Vanilla Ice!!!

12/07/08 07:35 PM #20    

Kendell Churchwell

Bill - how about some Billy Squire and some Billy Idol?

12/07/08 08:42 PM #21    

Audrey Bates (Touchton)

Or , Maybe some Motley Crue.

12/07/08 09:16 PM #22    

Tisha Makamson (Eaves)

Poor Bill.... you have now become a website DJ. I second Kendell's motion for Billy Idol!! and Billy Squire rocks too! They just don't make music like they used to!!

12/08/08 08:22 AM #23    

Bill Lott

In response to Kendell, Tisha, and Audrey...I will be adding some songs from Billy Idol, Billy Squire, and Motley Crue and Vanilla Ice..thanks for the suggestions

12/08/08 08:00 PM #24    

Kendell Churchwell

Alright Bill - Jason and I are jamming to Ice!! What a Punk!

12/08/08 09:00 PM #25    

Bill Lott

Kendell...make sure that Jason is doing the ICE ICE Baby dance and has the hair to prove it..I would but it would be a little hard with the hair thing..lmao...glad you are enjoying the tunes..maybe I should add some beastie boys

12/08/08 10:52 PM #26    

Bill Lott

Another link is now active..called Music Video's. I have posted 4 videos from the era, two of which we have songs for on the home page. They are: Glass Tiger "Don't Forget Me (When I'm Gone), Corey Heart's "Never Surrender", Heart "These Dreams" and Billy Squire's "The Stroke"...I'll be updating this as often as you request get ready for a blast to the past...and enjoy...

12/16/08 09:37 AM #27    


Tony Pope

I know Greg Tisdales cell #. I see he's on the missing list.


Tony Pope

12/21/08 11:09 AM #28    

Beau Culpepper

Happy Holidays to all and I only wish we had a site like this sooner. Great job to all that volunteered to make this possible.

I am looking forward to seeing you all at the reunion.

All the best,


12/22/08 07:15 AM #29    

Tricia Minyard (Rios)

HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE!!! Hope you and your family have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR and well, guess we will all be seeing each other in the new year. Looking foward to seeing everyone in person.

Best wishes to all,

12/29/08 05:40 PM #30    

Joel Thornton

Hey the site looks great!!! You guys keep up the good work and I'm really looking forward to the reunion. I'd offer my help but there is not a whole lot I can do from Kentucky I don't imagine. If there is, don't hesitate to ask.

12/30/08 11:10 AM #31    

Larry Pitts

Yeah great job dude......wish I would have known earlier that you had done

01/02/09 11:12 AM #32    

Dee Westbrook (Moore)

This site is wonderful. You can tell you worked so hard on it. Thanks, thanks, thanks...Also a big thanks for getting in touch with me and telling me about it. If there is anything I can do to help, please don't hesitate to let me know.

01/06/09 11:34 AM #33    

Kim Robertson (Elliott)

This site is fun. I have been cracking up some of the younger folks in my office by showing them the rad 80's styles we sported. What were we thinking? Really. The music is fun, too. I'm suprised there isn't more Bad Co though. FYI - I saw Bo Smith's wife and kid at the grocery store in Jackson about a year ago. I think he is still living in NE Jackson.

01/16/09 09:15 AM #34    

Jennifer Wright (Brewster)

Bill-I am going to get fired from my job for spending so much time on this site! It is great! I love the music and pics showing the old school. I hope you can find some more. Thanks for spending so much time on this!

01/16/09 12:56 PM #35    

Robert Touchstone

Does anybody have pics of Tiffany James?

01/17/09 10:31 PM #36    

Nicholle Hills

I do not have any pics of Tiffany but she is on page 13 of the yearbook slide. I also wanted to know if anyone knows how to locate a copy of the '89 annual? I have lost mine!

-Nicholle Hills

01/18/09 10:40 PM #37    

Bill Lott

I don't know where to locate an old '89 annual. I am glad that everyone is enjoying the memories and hope to continue updating the site as I get more input. I have added our senior field day photo's courtsey of Steve Waddell under the newest link, Old School Pictures. Also will be adding more music to the home page playlist.

01/20/09 01:22 PM #38    

Robert Touchstone

Bill come on More of the lip sync duo! How about some Tom Petty. Breakdown,Refugee,Don't do me like that.

01/21/09 01:30 AM #39    

Bill Lott


I will go and get some Tom Petty. I just run down to the local "Sing" store and pick it up.

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