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01/23/09 12:32 PM #40    

Audrey Bates (Touchton)

Aww, come on now Robert. You know you can't help but get up and dance to Milli Vanilli. You know it's I just couldn't resist. Don't hate me. ;)

01/26/09 10:33 AM #41    

Bill Lott


I have made some changes to our website. I have temporarily removed the music video link. The other changes were added senior pictures link which was called Old School Pictures. This generalization will allow you to submit any pictures taken durning our senior year. Also have added the Field Day pictures and video links. I hope you all enjoy the latest additions. I am also removing the polling feature. As always, any suggestions, email me and let me know.

01/28/09 03:26 PM #42    

Christy Malone (Murphy)

I was looking over the missing class mates and a lot of them are on Facebook. You probably already know this, just letting you know. I am working on some addresses for you now. This website is awesome and thanks for all your hard work. It makes me want to go look in my moms attic and look for old pics.

01/29/09 08:40 AM #43    

Bill Lott


If you'd like to get some of your old pictures, just email them to me and I'll add them to the slideshow under the link Senior Pictures. I'm glad you and the other's are enjoying the site. I hope to install additional features as the become available.

02/22/09 12:15 PM #44    

Kenneth Burns

hey Bill, how about some T.I.-Swagger Like Us cause no one in the has swagger like us. c/o '89.

03/06/09 09:00 PM #45    

Jarette Gunn

I have some pics of field/bust yo a-- day if anyone is interested.

03/11/09 08:16 AM #46    

Jennifer Wright (Brewster)

Hi Bill-I know you are probably sick of music requests but I was listening to the 80's on the way to work this morning, as I do many mornings, and I heard a couple more songs that would be fun to have on here.
Eddie Money-Take Me Home Tonight, Scandal - The Warrior, Prince-1999, Little Red Corvette and anything else from that album... Thanks!

03/24/09 09:43 AM #47    

Bill Lott

Thanks for the recent music additions. I will do my best and add these to the home page music playlist soon. Look forward to seeing everyone at the reunion in May.

03/31/09 07:06 PM #48    


Tony Pope

Blahhh...don't think I'm gonna make it to this one everyone...I hope you all have a great time! If I live long enough, maybe I'll see you all at the 25? 30? 40? 50? who knows...

Tony Pope

04/14/09 10:01 AM #49    

Bill Lott

Kenneth and Jennifer,
Go to the homepage and your songs have been added. Sorry for the delay. If anyone else has a request, feel free to leave a message here or you can email me directly. Glad to see everyone is enjoying the site.


05/02/09 04:49 PM #50    

Paul Trosclair

Hey Bill or Vicki,

I was just notified by Classmates that Scott Turnage became a member - has anyone sent him an invite to the Class of 1989 page or the reunion?


05/05/09 11:45 AM #51    

Bill Lott


I haven't sent Scott Turnage an invite to our page here, but if you have his email address go under Missing classmates and type it in, that will send him an invite to this page. Sorry for not seeing your post sooner, but let him know about the reunion as well.


05/18/09 02:19 PM #52    

Robby Alford

Hi everybody,
Wish I could be there for the reunion, but Uncle Sam has other ideas for me. Have fun catching up!
Robby Alford

05/25/09 05:02 PM #53    

David Akin

First off, thanks for setting up this site and all the planning you all have done. Wife needs to know the attire for Saturday night please. Thank you.


05/29/09 11:34 AM #54    

Karen V Dudley

Bill, or who ever it was that deleted certain messages, including mine,

If this is a forum where ALL of us are supposed to freely express our ideas/opinions, why were the messages left by Kenneth Burns(5/27), Cynthia Jenkins(5/23? & 5/28), and me (5/28) specifically concerning the itinerary and costs of this event deleted? Even worse, you deleted them without a response to what are legitimate questions and suggestions. WE thought this was supposed to be about the ENTIRE class of '89, not just a select few. Why were we "silenced" for merely requesting something for future reference rather than mindlessly going along with the repetition?

What's going on?

05/31/09 11:37 PM #55    

Kevin Ferguson

Sorry we didn't make it. Thanks to rainouts, two of our boys ended up playing baseball through the weekend. Hope you all had fun.

Kevin & Christi Ferguson

06/02/09 11:20 PM #56    


Tony Pope

Hmmm...maybe the Bill needs to put the countdown clock back up! for the 25th Reunion!! That would be good to see...

Tony Pope

06/13/09 08:02 PM #57    

Tammy Thurman (Gray)

Has anyone heard from Eric Bailey? Hadn't seen or heard from him since high school.

06/17/09 02:31 PM #58    

Bill Lott


I haven't heard from Eric either since High School. He was of course on the missing list and no one could locate him for the recent reunion. Have you tried Facebook? If I hear anything, I will let you know.

Bill Lott

09/12/09 12:01 PM #59    

Joel Thornton

When did Forest Hill become the Patriots? Was reading the Clarion Ledger online this morning and they were referred to as the Patriots several times.

09/14/09 11:12 AM #60    

Bill Lott


I guess the school change it back sometime last year. If my old memory serves me correct it was at the beginning of the school year.

10/09/09 07:53 AM #61    

Missy Hunter (Dunlap)

I am sorry I couldnt attend the reunion. It fell on the same weekend as my son's birthday. I just recently came across my bookmark for the site and enjoyed looking at pictures. I also added the facebook group to my friends. I would love to see a 25th reunion happen and hopefully would be able to attend.

06/18/10 11:12 AM #62    

Shay Brown

Hello everyone,


I know this is short notice, and I apologize.  It's been a lot of work getting our 20 year reunion together for 1990.  Thanks Bill, for all of your help.


We would like to invite all of you to Hal and Mal's tonight, 06/19/10 if you can make it.  We will be in the red room from 7PM until.



Shay Brown

06/22/18 09:59 AM #63    

Wyvette Johnson (Robinson)

Was the meeting held yesterday announced somewhere?

06/22/18 11:25 AM #64    

Bill Lott


I am posting details on our site here and our class Facebook page. Be sure to check here as well as the class page on Facebook. If you haven’t updated your profile and or changed your email address on our class site since joining you should be able to receive all notices. I will begin with our next meeting to email the class to make everyone who lived in the metro area aware. The Facebook page link is on the homepage from our class site. Any questions you can contact me.


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